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The 20's were discovery years for many in West Texas. The "Oil Patch" was new - a magnet for entrepreneurs and those with the courage to grab hold and make something happen.

Born the seventh of seven, Victor Cornelius knew what it was to fight for a place. Call it courage, tenacity or downright stubbornness, if fortune favored the bold, Victor would have his.

As a young sign painter plying his trade, Victor refined his graphic skills and salesmanship working from the Gulf Coast to the Texas panhandle. Having his eyes opened to the opportunities cafes and restaurants presented, Victor set up a nickelodeon circuit of jukeboxes and pinball machines. Then, patenting a display for attaching movie advertising to the side of cafe napkin holders, Victor built a national company printing and selling theatrical-movie advertising.

A key to Victor's success was knowing how to reach his customers. Opening his own cafe, Victor became frustrated with the process of having his first menu printed. He recognized the menu as the single most important "point of sales" tool a restaurant could offer. Sure of his own abilities and seeing a niche opportunity, Victor bought out the menu printer. That was his way.

At Victor Cornelius, Inc., menu design and printing has come as a natural progression of learned skills and an awareness of opportunities.We've never lost sight of Victor's earliest lessons, of how we got here, or where we're going. We think Victor would be proud.

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Victor Cornelius
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